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Disclaimer: This is an in-depth review of my experience (mostly the ‘customer service’ I received from the page manager). I did not receive a partial refund (or even an apology) for the hostle words and mockery I experienced in exchange for my suggestions on how to improve the product descriptions that advertised a service I did not receive.

The days of real and genuine Influencers are truly gone. Instagram Influencing has officially become an actual (and legitimized) “side hustle” and lots of women, particularly those that would normally be staying at home being a caretaker, are all about the craze.

I can’t get a full train of thought out of my head without getting interrupted by the person that should be listening. Instead, they interrupt me to tell me how they relate to the thoughts they think I have… the thoughts I can’t get out of my head.

Then I am dead in the head, I have lost my train of thought. I stop caring. I get off the phone and sit here with myself. Alone.

I sit here alone with my thoughts. The thoughts I have in my head, and I can’t get them out. …

If you are a “millennial” with an Instagram page, you are most likely pre-disposed to one of the biggest hyped trends of social media since Snapchat came along. The “Link in Bio” fad, yes… The link that will take you to a private page where (mostly Women) host pictures and videos of themselves in a “Erotic Self Promoting” fashion. You may have a couple of these creator host websites in your head right now, but to save the suspense, yes… I am in fact referring to websites such as “” and “”.

When you go to, it is actually…


Professional Electrical Engineer in Space, Writer, Influencer Blogger, Women’s STEM Mentor, and Digital Creator

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